The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge

Companion Bill Thomas - Deputy Grand High Priest

Welcome to the page for California Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons comprised of Companions in the State of California. It is with heavy hearts we the officers and members mourn the loss of Companion Vinson A. Boyce, Most Excellent Grand High Priest. He passed recently and in his honor, we shall continue striving to enlighten and improve our membership.

In my capacity as Deputy Grand High Priest acting as Most Excellent Grand High Priest, I strongly endorse the practice of research and presentation. Meetings should be a learning experience for those in attendance. Expanding our horizons in the art of masonry is our primary goal. Improving our general knowledge of masonry is mandatory but we need to delve more into the esoteric as well. Putting together all the pieces will allow us to see the bigger picture.

We are sanctioned under the auspices of The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge, Inc., where the Honorable Omar H. Scaife, 33⁰ presides.  We are chartered by the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, United States of America and Canada where the Honorable Floyd C. McMillan, 33⁰ serves as the Most Excellent General Grand High Priest.

Master masons interested in more information on becoming a Royal Arch Mason should talk to their Respective Worshipful Masters.

Elected Officers

Excellent Bill Thomas

Deputy Grand High Priest

Excellent Lonnie Holmes

Grand King

Excellent Thomas Barnes

Grand Scribe

Exc. Gregory Mitchell

Grand Captain of the Host

Exc. Charles A. Perry

Grand Principal Sojourner

Edmund P. Johnson

Grand Royal Arch Captain

Excellent Berry Sanders

Grand Treasurer

Excellent Joe Cunningham

Grand Secretary

Appointed Officers

Edmund P. Johnson

Grand Recorder


Grand Master of the 1st Veil


Grand Master of the 2nd Veil


Grand Master of the 3rd Veil


Grand Sentinel


Grand Lecturer

Past / Emeritus Grand High Priest

Most Excellent James C. Gardley

Past Grand High Priest Emeritus

Most Excellent Wayne Swindell (Healed)

Past Grand High Priest

Most Excellent Richard Ramirez

Past Grand High Priest

Most Excellent Sealious Clayborn

Past Grand High Priest

History of California Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

York Rite masonry is oldest and commonly known of all masonic rites. It takes its name from York, England, where the earliest known record of masonry exists, dating from about A.D. 923. Masonry's first written record is centered on York, the seat of the Ancient York Grand Lodge. In 1813, this Grand Lodge merged with another group called the Modern Grand Lodge, to form the United Grand Lodge of England. This is the basis upon which our present system of symbolic Lodge Masonry is built.

This California Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was established with the approval of Hon. Frank J. Bobo, 33°, who was the Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge, Inc. On March 8, 1969 the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons Relief Department, State of California was established. Companion Sealious Clayborn was duly elected as our first Most Excellent Grand High Priest serving from 1970 through 1986. Under his leadership the department was tasked with the first charge – membership. The department grew rapidly with membership and took great pride in educating its companions.

In 1986 Companion Richard Ramirez was elected as our second Most Excellent Grand High Priest. Companion Ramirez brought a sense of pride and style to the Grand Chapter. He led by example and was very well respected as a well versed and knowledgeable companion. Under his leadership the department gained new regalia and furnishings. If there is one thing that can be stated about Companion Ramirez, it is that he loves the Royal Arch. He successfully completed his tenure in 1990.

In only its third time in twenty years, the Grand Chapter elected its third successor, Companion James C. Gardley. Under Companion Gardley, the workshop was started. During the workshops, companions had an opportunity to learn and watch ritualistic works as the state conducted them. The department further grew by adding new robes for the companions. In 1992 a new Ark of the Covenant was dedicated to the Grand Chapter. In 1993 the bylaws were amended and accepted before the craft. In 1999 Companions James Gardley and Rufus Jenkins pioneered an appreciation luncheon for the elderly of our jurisdiction in the southern California area. It later became known as the Sophisticated Elderly Luncheon. In 2003 the luncheon was expanded to the northern California region. Companion Gardley served his distinguished career from 1990 through 2004. Upon stepping down as the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, he was bestowed the status of Emeritus.

In 2004, Companion Vinson A. Boyce became just the fourth Most Excellent Grand High Priest to serve in that capacity. He is charged to carry on the legacy of the Royal Arch and bring it boldly into the 21st century. So far Companion Boyce has visually brought to life the tabernacle in museum form to dazzle the companions. He has inspired and edited the National secret ritual so that all companions can once again obtain the most up to date ritualistic information. Companion Boyce focuses on tackling the most difficult subjects and making them easy to digest. The future is yet to be written but you can rest assure that the royal arch will do everything it can to be innovative, creative and inspirational.

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Lady Dorothy J. Bowens - Grand Most Ancient Matron

Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho

“The Degree of Enlightenment”

Our Daily Mission is to Work as One, Stand up as One and be “The Tie That Binds, United As One

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna

It is with Esteem Gratification and Pride that I WELCOME each of you to Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho. Web- Site in Love, Friendship, and Honor.

We are a group of Christian Ladies, who strive daily to bring more joy into our lives and that of others. We share a unique type of togetherness with each other with our enjoyment comes studying our Ritualistic Work, and going to our Meetings.

We study the Bible, our Rituals, and do Demonstrations in our Meetings.

The Heroines of Jericho is an Androgynous Degree conferred in America on Royal Arch Masons, their Wives, Mothers, Widows, Sisters and Daughters. It is intended to instruct its Female recipients in the high and noble principles inculcated in this degree which will appeal to the better instincts of the human mind and to make known to them the claims which they have upon the protection of their Husbands, Fathers and Companions and to communicate to them an effectual method of proving those claims. "An instance of friendship extended to the whole family of a benefactress by those whom She had benefited, and of the influence of Solomon contract in averting danger, is referred to in the case of Rahab, the Woman of Jericho, from whom the Degree derives its name. It is a side or Honorary Degree of Royal Arch Masonry.

Each Member is encouraged to get involved, bring lectures if they choose to do so or anything else for the good of Our Grand Department.

Our Grand Department belongs to each Members, so anything that you can do to enhance the Grand Department, with suggestions, and your participation, is always Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

We hope that if you are not yet a Member in the Heroines of Jericho that you would take your next Journey and join us’

I take great pride in Welcoming you to Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho.

I am sure that you will be an asset to the growth of Our Grand Department.

Therefore, again We Welcome you to Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho, and remember we will always be here to assist you. Because We are “The Tie That Binds” That Are United As One.

God Bless and May He forever keep you as you continue on your Fraternal Journey or start your New Fraternal Journey.


Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho State of California, is an Organization which supports Social and Charitable Projects.

We will assist others in Distress, We Practice Charity, Relief and Cultivate Friendship with other Heroines.

Our Daily Mission is to work as one, Stand up as One and be “The Tie That Binds, Uniting Us As One”.

Elected Officers

Comp. Vinson Boyce

Grand Most Worthy Joshua

Lady Patricia Young

Grand Most Worthy Vice Ancient Matron

Lady Sharon McIntyre

Grand Treasurer

Lady Vida Walker

Grand Secretary

Lady Pearl Simmons

Grand Senior Attendant

Lady Shirley Swindell

Grand Junior Attendant

Lady Sylvia Harris

Grand Inner Gate Keeper

Lady Velma Pierce

Grand Outer Gate Keeper

Lady Rhonda Martin

Grand Recorder

Lady Anita Bates

Grand Lecturer/ South

Lady Andrea Lovette

Grand Lecturer/ North

Lady Louverna Durst

Grand Chaplain

Lady Roslyn Lyles

Grand 1st Court Director

Lady Rita Gaither

Grand 2nd Court Director

Lady Jean Knight

Grand 3rd Court Director

Lady Diana Dean Golston

Grand 1st Ark Bearer

Lady Mae Fox

Grand 2nd Ark Bearer

Lady Brenda Scott

Grand 3rd Ark Bearer

Lady Lorena Peters

Grand 4th Ark Bearer

Lady Claudette Ratcliff

Grand Musician


This Grand Body was instituted in Los Angeles, California in 1950 by the Late Grace Pough, Supreme Deputy of the State Relief Board.

The first Grand Officers: Lady Cena Donegan, Grand Most Ancient Matron,

Companion T.E. Earl, Grand Most Worthy Joshua, Lady Bertha Hill, Grand Senior Matron, Companion Reverend Calvin Stater, Grand Assistant Most Worthy Joshua.

The Annual Session was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1966, and the name was officially changed to Rahab Grand Court Heroines of Jericho. The first Grand Officers under the new name were Lady Ercel Sims, Grand Most Ancient Matron, and Companion Clifton Bates, Grand Most Worthy Joshua, Lady Alice Walker, Grand Senior Matron, Lady Lenora McCullough, Grand Secretary, and Lady Gertrude Burns, Grand Treasurer.

The Grand Body has produced Eight Grand Most Ancient Matrons. Past Grand Most Ancient Matrons: Lady Cena Donegan, Lady Bertha Hill, Lady Zelm Crinkshaw, Lady Ercel Sims, Lady Maude E. Tyson, Lady Ruthie Jones, Lady Brenda Patrick, and our current Grand Most Ancient Matron, Lady Dorothy J. Bowens.

Ten Grand Senior Matrons, Past Grand Senior Matrons: Lady Alice Walker, Lady Mary Baker, Lady Maude E. Tyson, Lady Ruthie Jones, Lady Brenda Patrick, Lady Shirley Greenwood, Lady Dorothy J. Bowens, Lady Ronnie Sanford-Johnson, Lady Diana Wheeler, and our currently Grand Senior Matron Lady Patricia Young.

Eight Grand Secretaries, Past Grand Secretaries: Lady Birdie M. Cameron, Lady Lenora McCullough, Lady Josephine Lewis, Lady Shirley Greenwood, Lady Dorothy J. Bowens, Lady Carolyn Gerardi, Lady Patricia Young, Lady Barbara Blevins, and our current Grand Secretary, Lady Vida Walker.

Eleven Grand Treasurers, Past Grand Treasurers: Lady Lenora McCullough, Lady Ercel Sims, Lady Gertrude Burns, Lady Willie Mae Sims, Lady Brenda Patrick, Lady Rosa Closs, Lady Essie Wright, Lady Marjorie Tandy, Lady Carolyn Girardi, Lady Rosa Closs and our current Grand Treasurer, Lady Sharon McIntyre.

The Scarlet Line is the official Ritual for Rahab Grand Court.

The Grand Officers have two new uniforms, a Purple Coat Dress adopted under the reign of The Late Lady Brenda Patrick, G.M.A.M.E.

Adopted Under The Reign of Lady Dorothy J. Bowens, G.M.A.M

The Red Coat Dress, Red and Purple Hats. Red and White Gloves, Red Handkerchief, and Red Shoes to be worn only by Present and Past Grand Officers.

2002: The first Treasurer and Secretary of the Year Award was Given In Memory of Lady Essie Wright Grand Treasurer and is presented each year at Grand Session.

2005: Book of the Ark. (lady Verdell Littles, Mary Baker #10)

2008: The Scarlet Line Study Guide and Syllabus Guide.


2012: Art of Covenant (Study) Book

2013: First Rahab Grand Court Membership Directory

2014: The Number 12 Book (Author Honorable Barney E. Watkins, 33° Grand Master Emeritus

2015: Informational Workbook for Most Ancient Matrons and Secretaries

2016: James C. Gardley Sophisticated Elderly Award to be presented each year at Grand Session.

2016: Sophisticated Elderly Luncheon changed, to James C. Gardley Sophisticated Elderly Luncheon. Approved by Honorable Floyd C. McMillian 33°, G.M. and Companion Vinson Boyce, Grand Most Worthy Joshua.

2016: White Handkerchiefs for Members and Red Handkerchiefs for Grand Officers only. Design By: Lady Vida Walker

2017: Revised Membership Directory

2017: Revised Copy of Informational Workbook for Most Ancient Matrons and Secretaries




History of Rahab Grand Court Is Under Construction

Being Revised

Upcoming Events

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