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Queen Adah Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star

Sis. Brenda R. Graham - Grand Worthy Matron

I would like to welcome my Sisters and Brothers, and all inquiring minds who are interested in the workings of Queen Adah Grand Chapter, Inc. Our Worthy Grand Patron, Hon. Omar H. Scaife, 33°, has put forward great effort to ensure our website design is a useful navigation tool for women desiring to become a member of our Grand Chapter.

Thank you for logging on to our Website, I hope that upon reviewing the information, it will inspire you to join our Beautiful Body of Sisterhood.

Mission Statement

The foundation of our Order is based on Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness. We teach and encourage our members to give aid and assistance to others. As Eastern Stars, we are considerate of the feelings of others and strive to find ways to develop, build and encourages one’s self-esteem. We embrace the principles that every member has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and must give that same respect to others in return. We strive to promote an organization dedicated to enhancing our members by providing Instructional Workshops and Teaching Seminars. “If We Believe It, We Can Achieve It” It takes all of us working together toward a common goal for us to achieve our jurisdictional excellence. This means that each of us are committed and dedicated to improving our experience in this beautiful Order. We Think It, Believe It, and We are Achieving It!


The Order of the Easter Star (O.E.S.) is an organization where women and men with high moral character, who have a desire to work for the betterment of others. Our membership encompasses enthusiastic women who labor together, mirroring the essence of Fraternal love. As members of the Order of Eastern Star, we work in unity for the good of humanity and maintain a passionate bond of Sisterhood.


The objectives of the Order of the Eastern Star are to:

  • Promote knowledge of masonic understanding through the dispense of ritualistic studies
  • Provide for the welfare of our members in the time of need and dispense sincere concern for our fellow man.
  • Promote through the association of its members, a bond of Christian love and fellowship.
  • Enjoy a social environment where we may find new and create lasting relationships.

Elected Officers of the Grand Chapter

Hon. Omar H. Scaife

Worthy Grand Patron

Sis. LaVon White

Grand Associate Matron

Sis. Anita Bates

Grand Conductress

Carmelia Henderson
Grand Assoc. Conductress

Sis. Rosemarie Smith

Grand Warder

Sis. Terry Thomas

Grand Secretary

Sis. Brenda Kimble

Grand Treasurer

Appointed Officers of the Grand Chapter

Sis. Stephanie Smith

Grand Chairman of Trustees

Sis. Cora D. John's

Grand Trustee (Secretary)

Sis. Brenda Scott

Grand Christian Flag Bearer

Sis. Crystal Van Dyke

Grand U.S. Flag Bearer

Sis. Jean Knight

Grand O.E.S. Flag Bearer

Sis. Linda Collins

Grand Chaplain

Sis. Cora Wilcots

Grand Marshal (East)

Sis. Carolyn Conley

Grand Marshal (West)

Sis. Claudette Ratcliff

Grand Musician

Sis. Ronnie Johnson

Grand Recorder

Sis. Stephanie Norfleet

Grand Grand Adah

Sis. Lorena Peters

Grand Ruth

Sis. Diana D. Golston

Grand Esther

Sis. Mary Spencer

Grand Martha

Sis. LouVerna Durst

Grand Electa

Past Worthy Grand Patrons

Hon. Floyd McMillan

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Hon. Barney Watkins

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Hon. Nulan Byrd

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Hon. Frank J. Bobo

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Hon. Joseph Pough

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Past / Emerita Worthy Grand Matrons

Sis. Dorothy Simmons

Past Worthy Grand Matron

Sis. Shirley Williams

W. Grand Matron Emerita

Sis. Grace Harvey

Past Worthy Grand Matron

Sis. Ruby Brewer

Past Worthy Grand Matron

Sis. Thelma Scott

Past Worthy Grand Patron

Sis. Grace Pough

Past Worthy Grand Matron

History of the Queen Adah Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star (1943-2023)

To everything there is a beginning. Before Queen Adah was born we must began with the Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of which Queen Adah is adopted under.

The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge, A. F. & A.M., Inc. was organized in the year of 1942, at the Washington Hotel, 652 Fourth Street, on the 2nd floor - room 12, at the corner of Bluxome Street in San Francisco, California. They were set up with three Subordinate Lodges under warrant. They were Rising Star #412, Orange Grove #138 and Sons of Light #444. The Honorable Joseph Samuel Nathaniel Pough 33° was the first Grand Master. Rev. F. B. Banks was elected as the Deputy Grand Master. He was also the first Grand Patron of Queen Adah Grand Chapter.

Queen Adah Grand Chapter was organized July 10, 1943 with three Chapters. They were: Queen Ethiopia #20; Lily of the Valley #12 (both of San Francisco) and Pride of Oakland #17 (Oakland) working under Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Inc. Honored Joseph S. Pough, 33°, Grand Master. Sister Grace Pough was the 1ST Grand Matron.

The first headquarters office was located at 2031 Bush Street, San Francisco, California. The Grand Lodge moved from Bush Street to 1433 Divisadero Street. They relocated to 1726 Fillmore Street in the old Temple Theater, which was the first building that the Grand Lodge purchased, both located in San Francisco, California. Once again the Grand Lodge office moved to 848 Cole Street, after which they moved to 1837 Alcatraz Ave. in the city of Berkeley. In the year 2006, the Grand headquarters, sold the Berkeley Hall and moved to the Richmond Hall, 1701 Truman St., Richmond, California. The Eastern Stars also held their meetings in these buildings.

Sister Pough made many accomplishments during her reign as Grand Matron. She purchased property for Queen Adah on Sutter Street; an apartment building at Scott and Page Streets; a Youth Center on Post Street and the California Scottish Rite Temple on Geary Street in San Francisco. She also set up the Affiliated Degrees of the Grand Nurses Unit; Grand Queen of the South Palace; Grand Matron's Council, etc. Grand Matron Pough was instrumental in having Queen Adah Grand Chapter incorporated with the State of California, June 29, 1951. She organized a Youth Field in 1958 that grew to 400 youth. She organized the Queen Adah Choir. She also established a scholarship fund.

At the time of her death in 1965, Queen Adah had grown to 125 Chapters in California and Nevada with a membership of 4000. Sister Pough served for twenty-two years.

The leadership continued under the 2nd Grand Matron, Sister Thelma Scott, who came into office in 1965. She served most of her term under Grand Master Frank J. Bobo, who was elected Grand Master in the year 1966 in Las Vegas, Nevada, after the death of Grand Master Pough. That same year Grand Master, Bobo appointed Bro. James Burks as the Grand Patron of Queen Adah Grand Chapter Grand Matron Scott laid the groundwork for the Queen Adah Grand Chapter now housed at 1390 Turk Street. Queen Adah is the sponsoring body for Royal Adah Arms, which consist of 142 subsidized housing units for low-income seniors in the same building, on the opposite side of the building at 1240 Turk Street. This building is under HUD (Housing and Urban Development). This building was dedicated June 9, 1974. Sister Thelma Scott passed away in 1979. She served 14 years.

After the death of Sister Thelma Scott, Sister Grace L. Harvey served out the term. She was elected Grand Matron in October 1980 3rd Grand Matron. Sister Harvey served under three Grand Masters; Hon. Frank J. Bobo 33º, who passed December 15, 1991 (not in office); Hon. Nuland Byrd 33°, who passed December 1, 1990 (while in office). She served until October 1994. Sister Harvey passed at our 55th Grand Session, October 31, 1997 at the Double Tree Hotel in Bakersfield, California. She served 14 years. Our present Grand Master, Hon. Barney E. Watkins 33° was elected October 1992.

Our 4th Grand Matron was Sister Ruby Brewer; she served for one year, from 1994-1995. She served under Hon. Barney E. Watkins 33°.

Our 5th Grand Matron was Sister Shirley Williams. She was elected October 1995. She served under Hon. Barney E. Watkins 33º. She stepped down in October 2004 at Grand Session. She was given the honored title of Grand Matron Emeritus. She was the first Grand Matron in the history of Queen Adah to step down and to receive the Emeritus title. She served nine years.

Our 6th Grand Matron was Sister Dorothy Simmons who was elected in October 2004. She served from October 2004-October 2006, under Hon. Barney E. Watkins 33°. She served two years.

Our 7th Grand Matron Sis. Shirley Williams was re-elected October 2006 under Hon. Barney E. Watkins 33°. She served from 2006-2010 (4 years)

On October 2010, Grand Master Barney E. Watkins 33° stepped down and became the first Grand Master Emeritus in our jurisdiction.

On October 18, 2010, Hon. Floyd McMillan 33° was elected Grand Master and serves as Grand Patron of Queen Adah Grand Chapter

October 2010, Sis. Shirley Williams stepped down and nominated Sis. Brenda Ratcliffe-Graham.

Our 8th Grand Matron, Sis. Brenda Ratcliffe-Graham was elected Grand Worthy Matron October 18, 2010.

Our 9th Grand Matron, Sis. LaVon White, has been suspended and removed from office for her efforts and working in concert with those uninformed members.

Our 10th Grand Matron, Sis. Vida Walker, was elected at special session Sat, Dec 16, 2023.

On Monday, October 23, 2017, Hon. Omar H. Scaife, 33° was elected as the new Most Worshipful Grand Master and now serves as the Worthy Grand Patron for Queen Adah Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Inc.

General Information

Queen Adah Grand Chapter works under the auspices of The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M.

  • Daughters of Universal Grand Chapter Alabama
  • Daughters of Universal Grand Chapter Arkansas
  • 2018 Rose of Sharon Grand Chapter District of Columbia & Delaware
  • Heavenly Palm Grand Chapter Florida
  • Queen of Sheba Grand Chapter Illinois
  • Daughters of Universal Grand Chapter Louisiana
  • Naomi Grand Chapter Maryland
  • Queen of Sheba Grand Chapter Mississippi
  • Orient Grand Chapter New Jersey
  • Love United Grand Chapter New York
  • Elizabeth Grand Chapter Ohio
  • Queen of Sheba Grand Chapter Texas
  • Virginia State Grand Chapter Virginia


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