The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge

Ill. Luther Terrell - Grand President

I was Raised to the level of MM in 1997 at St Johns Grand Lodge where I served as a member of Sons of Moses #6 and obtained 32 upper degrees of masonry.

In 2012, I joined the MWSOLGL working as a member of Pride of Santa Ana #60 where I served as a JW, SW and WM. I was also blessed to be the first WP of Sisters of Santa Ana which was organized and Chartered as our Sister Chapter.

Since joining, I re-healed my 32 degrees and crossed the desert sands becoming a Shriner and in the year 2016, I was elevated to the 33rd and Last Degree of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

I am currently the President of Masters & Past Master Council and the Grand Lodge Lecturer.

Elected Officers

Bro. Sherman Wilson

Deputy Grand President

Bro. James Porter

Grand 1st Vice President

Bro. Matthew Houston

Grand 2nd Vice President

Bro. Gregory Mitchell

Grand Council Secretary

Bro. Michael Dunston

Grand Council Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Bro. Jason Sloan

Council Senior Deacon

Bro. Thomas Barnes

Council Junior Deacon

Bro. Paul Conley

Council Senior Steward

Bro. Jeff Fletcher

Council Junior Steward

Bro. Terry Barkley

Council Tyler

Bro. Wayne Swindell

Council Chaplain

History of the Masters and Past Masters Grand Council

History text.

Grand President Sister Martha R. Broome

I, Martha R. Broome was born October 24, 1946 in Memphis, Tennessee. Moved to Long Beach, California in 1965. Wife to Robert E. Broome, mother of 4, grandmother of 15, great grandmother of 6. Became an Eastern Star in September 1974, in Long Beach, Ca., when Carnation Chapter # 186 was organized and I was installed as Associate Matron. I received my Administrative Degree in Matrons Council July 17, 1977 under Grand President Gwendolyn Whisnot. I became a Rose in Bertha Belton College #8 October 1, 1978. Organized Irene Jacobs Chapter # 262, O.E.S. June 1, 1980. Elected President of Long Beach Matrons Council from Nov. 1991 through December 1993. Joined Los Angeles Matrons Council January 1994. Elected President of Los Angeles Matrons Council from 2005 through 2009. Elected Grand President of Matrons & Patrons Grand Council in 2010 where I still preside.

Matrons and Patrons Grand Council is not a chartered organization. It is a School of Instructions for all Matrons (Associate Matrons), working and chartered under Queen Adah Grand Chapter, O.E.S., Inc., and designed to be a guide for the Matrons who have been elected and installed as leaders. It is intended to instruct, inspire and develop leadership skills so our Matrons can better transmit their knowledge to their members, thus allowing them to function in a way to enhance growth not only to themselves, but to the growth of our organization.

We appreciate and encourage your contributions, participation and refreshing ideas as we advance together in knowledge. Welcome from Sis. Martha Broome, Grand President

Elected Officers

Bro. Luther T. Terrell

Grand Council Patron

Sister Charlesetta Randolph

Grand Vice President

Sister Constance Boyce

Grand Financial Secretary

Sister Eunice Pauley

Grand Treasurer

Sister Carolyn Conley

Grand Conductress

Sis. Louverna Durst

Grand Associate Conductress

Sister Dorothy Bell

Grand Warder

Appointed Officers

Sister Vida Walker

Grand Chairman of Trustee

Carmelia Henderson

Grand Trustee, near the Treasurer (East)

Sis. Tamer Mooring

Grand Trustee, near the Secretary (East)

Sister Jean Knight

Grand Christian Flag Bearer

Sister Stephanie Norfleet

Grand U.S. Flag Bearer

Sister Rita Gaither

Grand O.E.S. Flag Bearer

Bro. Cora Wilcot-Johnson

Grand Marshal - East

Sister Rosemarie Smith

Grand Marshal - West

Sis. Claudette Ratcliff

Grand Musician

Sister Diane D. Golston

Grand Adah

Sister Mary Spencer

Grand Ruth

Sister Lorena Peters

Grand Esther

Sister Mersedes Smith

Grand Martha

Sister Rosemary Daniel-Rogers

Grand Electa

Sister Princess Sykes

Grand Chaplain

Sister Hazel Clark-Brent

Grand Marshal

Sister Sharon Cunningham

Grand Marshal

Sister Brenda Fergerson

Grand Marshal

Sister Kimberly Levi

Grand Marshal

Sister Brenda Reed

Grand Marshal

Sister Roslyn Lyles

Grand Marshal

Past Grand Matrons Council Presidents

Sister Georgia Hall

Deceased July 25, 2019

Sister Frances Scott

Grand Lecturer (North)

History of Matrons and Patrons Grand Council

Under the leadership of the late Royal Grand Matron Lady Grace Pough and with the aid of Sister A. L. Lucas, they created the Matron and Patron Council in 1953. There were only two Chapters, Queen Ethiopia and Rising Star. Sister Lucas and Sister Pough took it upon themselves to take turns meeting in their homes every third Monday.

As the membership grew Sister Lucas was appointed to be the instructor and later appointed to organize the First Council for Matrons, associate Matrons and Patrons, where she would become President. Sister Lucas was very successful in her endeavors and as the Jurisdiction grew other members became interested and a Council was organized in Oakland where Sister Alberta James became their first President.

The Following Grand Session saw three new council's formed, Los Angeles headed by Sister Bernice F. Bobo, Sacramento headed by Sister Sylvia Massey and Bakersfield headed by Sister Cordelia Tatum.

On October 26, 1953 Matron and Patron Grand Council was created, Sister Charity Anderson, Grand President and Sister Gwendolyn Whisenant, Vice President. Sister Anderson held the office of President until her passing in 1959. Sister Whisenaut took over the office of President and Sister Vernell Hogan as her Vice President. Sister Whisenaut served as President until her illness. Sister Hogan moved to the East and Served as President until her illness in 1984. Sister Evelyn Bryant was her Vice President.

In 1984, Sister Evelyn Bryant served as Acting President for the Grand Council to finish out the term. Also in 1984, Sister Vernell Hogan was awarded "Grand President Emeritus" status by Sister Grace L. Harvey, Grand Worthy Matron of Queen Adah Grand Chapter. In October 1984, Sister Evelyn Bryant was elected President of the Grand Council and Sister Christina Thomas because Vice President. Sister Thomas served as Vice President from 1984-1995. In October 1995 Sister Georgia Hall was elected Vice President of the Grand Council. Sister Bryant continued to serve as Grand President until her passing in February 1998.

Sister Georgia Hall moved to the East as President and in October 1998 was elected as Grand President while Sister Frances Scott was elected as Grand Vice President. In 2003 Sister Georgia Hall stepped down and bestowed the title of "Grand President Emeritus". Sister Frances V, Scott was elected Grand President and Sister Martha Broome Grand Vice President. In 2010 Sister Martha Broome was elected Grand President and Sister Charlesetta Randolph became Grand Vice President.

The Matron and Patron Council is a School of Instructions for all Matrons and Associate Matrons. All Affiliated Departments are to be members of the Council. Patrons are allowed to be members if they choose to. During the Memorial Day weekend a seminar is held annually for all Matrons and Eastern Stars in the jurisdictions. They are invited to bring questions on what they would like to learn pertaining to Ritualistic Work of the Eastern Star.

Originally Submitted By Sister Georgia Hall, Grand President Emeritus
Complied by Sister Constance C. Boyce, Grand Secretary
Matron and Patron Grand Council

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