The Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge

Nurse Queen E. Traylor - Grand Nurse President

Oh give thanks unto the Hon. Omar H. Scaife, 33 for he is good!  I can't express my appreciation enough for such a great and good man as the Hon. Omar H. Scaife, 33! He is the epitome of what a Grand Patron should be.  His knowledge and skills are unprecedented and his ability to lead is divinely inspired!

Elected Officers

Ill. Will Yancy

Grand Assoc. Med. Advisor

Nurse Andrea Lovette

Grand Vice President

Nurse Rita Gaither

Grand Treasurer

Nurse Tamer Moorings

Grand Secretary

Nurse Nancy Kennedy

Grand 1st Med Director

Cora Wilcots-Johnson

Grand 2nd Med Director

Nurse Princess Sykes

Grand Warder

Appointed Officers

Charlesetta Randolph

Grand 1st Asst. Med. Dir.

Rhonda S. Martin

Grand 2nd Asst. Med. Dir.

Shirley Swindell

Grand 3rd Asst. Med. Dir.

Maxine Delay

Grand 4th Asst. Med. Dir.

Jacqueline W. Terry

Grand 5th Asst. Med. Dir.

Rosemary D. Rogers

Grand Chaplain

Roslyn Lyles

Grand Recorder

Claudette Ratcliff

Grand Musician

Dorothy Hunter

Grand Chairman of Trustees

Patricia Taylor

Grand Trustee (Secretary)

Patricia Young

Grand Trustee (Treasurer)

Lorena Peters

Grand U.S. Flag Bearer

Doris Gray

Grand Christian Flag Bearer

Jean Knight

Grand Medical Flag Bearer

Rosemarie Smith

Grand Marshal (East)

Past / Emerita Grand Nurse President









History of Grand Nurses Department

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